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Why We’re Different

We’re completely independent. Unlike many Canadian advisors who are restricted to their own proprietary products, our selected managers are closely monitored by our dedicated team of experts and are held accountable to our robust standards.

Using different economists, strategists, and investment styles, our managers offer clients better diversification than asset allocation alone. This independence helps to insulate us from market volatility while maintaining our focus on delivering our clients’ most desirable investment outcomes.

Guiding Principles

How We Do it

We’ve consistently delivered success to our clients through the investing principles that guide ZLC Wealth’s portfolio management.

Donor-Advised Funds
Donor-Advised Funds

Plan a Legacy and Leave an Impact

Investing with Conviction
Investing with Conviction

Informed and decisive investment recommendations

Investing with Us

Expertise in Wealth Management

Personalized Portfolio Management
Personalized Portfolio Management

Building Wealth Through Personalized Portfolio Management

Small & Mid-Sized Company Allocation
Small & Mid-Sized Company Allocation

Looking for opportunities that other managers may have overlooked

Value Bias
Value Bias

We invest like business owners, not market speculators

We’re Always Looking at Alternatives
We’re Always Looking at Alternatives

Strength to withstand shifts in secular trends


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