Personalized Portfolio Management

Building Wealth Through Personalized Portfolio Management

We provide professional guidance, exceptional service, and access to outstanding investment managers that have been screened by our Investment Oversight Committee. Clients can open a variety of account types including RRSPs, TFSAs, corporate, and trust accounts.

ZLC Wealth’s Portfolio Managers skillfully produce customized portfolios across traditional and alternative asset classes. With Discretionary Portfolio Management, the buy-sell decisions are made by the Portfolio Manager with the Portfolio Manager operating within your Investment Policy Statement’s guidelines as determined through an in-depth discovery meeting. Investments can include both prospectus-based and prospectus-exempt products, including access to alternative asset classes such as hedge funds and real estate.

The ZLC Wealth Advantage
Portfolio management should be about investing without emotion. When we are empowered to manage our clients’ investments, we take an impartial and objective view of the portfolio’s performance and the capital markets and select managers behind the investments. ZLC Wealth’s investment Oversight Committee meets to ensure that we are utilizing superior managers who we monitor and hold accountable to our standard of enhanced governance over your portfolio. We closely monitor performance using sophisticated technology and systematically rebalance portfolios to ensure they are aligned with their intended performance.
What Does This Mean for You?
Our disciplined approach to investment management positions us to provide better risk management and can lead to delivering the strongest possible returns. Our portfolio managers are held to the highest professional standards, we abide by the CFA Code of Ethics, and are committed to our responsibility as your fiduciary.


Multi-Manager Approach: We are not restricted to proprietary products and our managers are closely monitored. This objectivity gives us the freedom to change managers if confidence is lost or better options exist.


Broad Diversification: Diversification across asset classes not only reduces the risk of loss, but also smooths out returns over time, making it easier to stay invested for the long term


Systematic Rebalancing: We actively watch the market and shift the percentage of assets held in various categories so you can take advantage of market pricing opportunities or strong market sectors. Your portfolio is being actively managed with our rigorous, disciplined approach.

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Investing with ZLC Wealth unlocks a range of investment options while enjoying the benefits of the extensive expertise of our portfolio management team, at competitive fees.