Donor-Advised Funds

Plan a Legacy and Leave an Impact

Many ZLC clients share our dedication to supporting charitable programs impacting causes they are passionate about. Through ZLC Foundation (ZLCF), we help our clients to make a lasting and meaningful impact on communities in need, through their charitable donations when they set up a ZLCF Donor Advised Fund (DAF).

A DAF is a fund set up by a donor within a public foundation. The donor can ‘advise’ the board of the ZLCF where and when they would like the income and the capital of the fund to be granted, to any Canadian registered charities. The donor becomes an Advisor to their DAF, unless they choose someone else to take that role.

Plan a Legacy and Leave an Impact
Charitable giving is used by many clients as a part of an overall planning strategy to significantly reduce their after-tax cost. We offer multiple strategy options to increase the impact of your hard-earned money and make each contribution tax efficient. Donor-advised funds are a way to create a bigger impact through giving. While you focus on supporting causes that are close to your heart, we’ll ensure your donations complement your overall wealth-management strategy. Working with us, you also have the choice of using ZLC Foundation as a convenient, efficient, and flexible vehicle for your giving options. Charitable Registration #89747-6560 RR0001
What Does This Mean for You?
People choose to give back to their community for many reasons. Different strategies are available to increase the impact of each dollar you give. Whatever your reasons for contributing, we ensure that your overall wealth-management strategy benefits you while simultaneously providing a meaningful and lasting impact on your community.


Timelines & Grants: There are no mandatory timelines or grant maximums. Donors can recommend grants to their chosen charities at any time, while receiving their donation receipt in their donation year.


Record-keeping: Free and easy set-up, and all administrative record-keeping services are handled by ZLCF.

Flexible Contributions: Contributions from one donor can be granted to any number of charities of choice and multiple donors can contribute to your DAF and receive a donation receipt.

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