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About Us

Who We Are

We are a boutique investment firm providing personalized discretionary investment management services. We enable our clients to achieve their financial objectives while delivering the best possible risk-adjusted return.


A company built on relationships and the trust of our clients

At the core of ZLC Wealth’s foundation are the close relationships and trust that we have built through decades of providing financial advice and solutions for high-net-worth clients. We preserve and grow our clients’ financial wealth through actively managed, customized investment portfolios focused on maximizing returns and minimizing portfolio volatility.

ZLC Tailored Wealth Management
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Tailored Wealth Management

Building Wealth Through Personalized Portfolio Management

Our process starts with a deep discovery with each client to understand their financial position, long-term plans, and financial goals. Combining your personal financial information with our deep expertise and broad knowledge of market trends, we then create a tailored approach to deliver long-term success.

360 View

Working with ZLC Financial

Working with the financial services professionals at ZLC Financial is the first step in the journey of wealth planning, preservation, and ultimately growth. ZLC Wealth’s connection with our talented financial services associates means that we have an integrated, complete view of your financial circumstances and goals, and most importantly—so we can take a holistic approach to wealth management.

Need Wealth Advice?

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Investing with ZLC Wealth unlocks a range of investment options while enjoying the benefits of the extensive expertise of our portfolio management team, at competitive fees.